Come and see what we are all about.

Laurimar Power Netball since 2010 !

Our vision is to provide all local children and adults the opportunity to improve their health 
and well-being by being able to participate in the sport of netball locally.
Our mission is to create a community netball club that allows its members to play netball 
and develop their netball skills in a fun, safe and fair environment. 
Welcome to Our Club
We, the committee, extend to you and your child a very warm welcome to the Laurimar 
Netball Club. 
Netball is a great sport to play, watch, coach or umpire and we value and welcome any 
input or experience you may have. We would like to encourage you to have a hand’s on 
approach to your netball and take an active role in the club either as a member or a 
Laurimar Power Netball Club was founded in September 2010 to provide an outlet for the local community wishing to play netball as their sport. We have become an integral part of the local & surrounding community as netball provides a wonderful avenue to meet new people, especially for newcomers to the area. 
In the Laurimar Power Netball Club’s first year, we signed more than 120 members who participated in either competition netball or our NetSetGo program.   We now have in excess of 300 members.
What We Stand For
  •  Excellent sportsmanship 
  •  Equal opportunity for both boys and girls of any age (competition guidelines) 
  •  Equal court time 
  •  Pride, respect, tolerance, compassion and patience to all 
  •  Fair play 
  •  All inclusive 
  •  Friendly and approachable 
  •  A Club/Team mentality in all that we do