Net Set Go
Welcome to Laurimar Power Net-Set-Go

Welcome to Net-Set-Go for 2018

We will be running two Net Set Go programmes this year, on a Saturday morning 8.45am  and the other on a Monday afterschool. 

Net Set GO is Netball Australia’s Junior Netball Program. It has been developed to provide children from the age of 5 to 9 years with the best possible learning and playing experience that enables them to develop a positive introduction to netball.  
First-time Net-Set-Go participants will receive a t-shirt and their very own Gilbert netball.  The program incorporates skill activities, minor games and modified matches and will be coordinated to ensure a quality experience for all participants. 
Information and Registration
Net Set Go Registration - Saturdays July to November 2018
Net Set Go Registration - Mondays July to November 2018
​​The NetSetGo registration links above will take you directly to Netball Victoria 'MyNetball' website, here you will enter all your details, including t-shirt size. ​​Your NSG Pack will be delivered directly to you in the new year.

Please take note of your Netball Victoria/MyNetball registration email/password for future use.

The NetSetGo timetable can be found on the Training Schedules page or on TeamApp .

For all enquires on Net-Set-Go! please contact Joanne (Net-Set-Go Coordinator)  or call 0439 464 396.
What you need to know about Net-Set-Go
  1. Age
    Designed to support netball skill development for 5 to 10 year olds. Participants must of turned 5 before they are eligible to participate.
  2. Fun
    Fun for all participants, regardless of ability.
  3. Safe
    Participation is in a safe learning environment.
  4. Learning and Development
    Develops movement, hand eye coordination, balance and special awareness and motor skills
  5. Healthy
    Reduction of social health issues, such as childhood obesity through physically active involvement.
  6. Increased Participation
    Leads to increased junior participation and lifelong involvement in an active lifestyle.
  7. Where and When
    Saturday 8.45 - 9.45am or Monday 4 - 4.45pm at Laurimar Primary School gymnasium.
  8. Seasons
    Season 1 February to June. Season 2 July to November.