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 Registration and Fees

Below you will find information on how to register to play for Laurimar Power Netball Club.  All are welcome!

2017  Season 2  Registration Instructions

Registrations for 2017 Season 2 are now open

We will once again be using an Online Registration System called Register Now!
Membership and all competition fees will be payable online via this system.   We will be offering a pay in full option which allows payment by credit card or Paypal, or an installment plan, which only accepts credit card payment.

If you are a new member to the club, payment of the Annual Membership fee is required at the time of registration.   For existing members that paid your membership fees at the beginning of the year, you will not need to pay this again to play in Season 2, only the Season 2 competition fees will be payable.

The complete fee schedule is detailed below.

If you have any questions, please call Nicole Pearson on 0408 992 933  or email

Registration for Existing Members

If you are an existing club member, which means you have already paid the Annual Membership fee, use the "EXISTING MEMBERS" registration link below to register.

Register using this link if you are already playing in one or more of the following competitions:
  • Diamond Creek Saturday Junior Competition
  • Whittlesea Wednesday or Thursday Junior Competitions
  • Banyule Saturday Junior Compeition
  • Greensborough Tuesday or Thursday Senior Competitions
  • Diamond Creek Wednesday Senior Competition

2017 Season 2 Registrations - EXISTING MEMBERS
You can register more than one player in a single transaction.  Wait until you get to the end of the registration (BEFORE PAYMENT) and you will see a blue box stating "Add Another Registration".

Registration for New Members

If you are new to the club, which means you have not paid the Annual Membership fee, use the "NEW MEMBERS" registration link below to register:

2017 Season 2 Registrations - NEW MEMBERS
​​IMPORTANT: We offer a discount for on the Annual Membership fee for families that register more than 1 player, so make sure you register all players from your family at the same time to receive the discount. ​​

Wait until you get to the end of the registration (BEFORE PAYMENT) and you will see a blue box stating "Add Another Registration".  This is where you add the next registration and a $5 discount applies to each player (in a family) that registers in one transaction.

2017 Annual Membership Fee Schedule

The Club Membership Fee is an annual fee that includes relevant player insurance, administration costs, and associated training costs.  There are 2 seasons in a year, however this fee is only payable once per year.   The membership fees are detailed below:
  • $70 Annual Membership Fee per player for Net-Set-Go (Ages 5 to 8)
  • $70 Annual Membership Fee per player for  Juniors (U9 to U17)
  • $80 Annual Membership Fee per player for Seniors (18 and over) playing only in a day or a night competition (not both)

  • $130 Annual Membership Fee per player for Seniors (18 and over) playing in both a day and a night competition
NOTE: For families that register more than one player, a family discount applicable.  Ensure you register all members of your family at the same time to receive the discount.

2017 Season 2  Competition  Fee Schedule

The Competition Fees are payable each season and covers the annual insurance, all team registration costs for the season including weekly game fees and court costs.  There are 2 seasons per year.  Season 1 runs from February to June and Season 2 runs from July to December. Team commitment is expected for each season so there is no requirement that the player must play in Season 2 if they do not wish to.
Junior Competition Fees - Season 2 2017
  • $60 per player for Net-Set-Go Saturday Competition (Ages 5 to 8)
  • $120 per player for the Diamond Creek Saturday Outdoor Competition (U9, U11, U13, U15 & U17)
  • $130 per player for the Whittlesea Wednesday Competition (U16 only)
  • $130 per player for the Whittlesea Thursday Competition (U9, U11 & U13)
  • $130 per player for the Banyule Saturday Afternoon Competition (U11, U13, U15 & U17) - Please note that only players that are already playing in the Banyule competition can register for Season 2.
Senior Competition Fees - Season 2 2017
  • $195 per player for the Greensborough Tuesday daytime Competition
  • $195 per player for the Greensborough Thursday morning Competition
  • $205 per player for the Diamond Creek Stadium Wednesday Night Indoor Competition


It is compulsory to where the club uniform to play.  Click  here to view the uniform gallery.  The club will provide first aid kits, balls & bibs for each team.
  • NetSetGo - The NetSetGo T-Shirt is included with the Competition Fees
  • Junior Uniform (17 and Under) - Club Netball Dress
  • Senior Uniform (18 and Over) - Competition T-Shirt and black netball skirt
You will have the opportunity to purchase uniforms during the registration process.  You can also view and find additional ordering information for the uniforms on the  Uniforms & Merchandise page.

Code of Conduct and Information Handbook

Laurimar Power Netball Club has a code of conduct for players, coaches, parents and guardians and also spectators that based on Netball Vitoria's Codes of Behaviours (  Download our code of conduct documents together with the information handbook by clicking here .
Code of Conduct & Information Handbook